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Question for the Mods...


I'd sent off an email a few days ago requesting another pup, but have't heard back yet. I know one of you two is having compy problems, and am not sure which the email goes to. If you could leave me a message or email me I'd appreciate it very much.

For the sake of time, I'll explain the pup I'd like to do here, so maybe you can let me know :-)

I'm requesting to take on Karl as well as Sean. The idea is that Karl has been in Lauderville a few years. He came to the States to go on a several month long, coast to coast adventure. He went on one of Marton's expeditions and fell in love with Lauderville, deciding to actually move there.

He owns the only bar in town, the Alibi. Nothing fancy, just a place to get a drink and socialize, do a little dancing, shoot some pool, play darts, and sing karaoke on Wednesday nights. The Alibi is open from 6pm until midnight, but has been closed for about a month now, since Karl's been back in Wellington, visiting his family (to explain his absence from the game thus far).

In addition to the Alibi, he also has a small stable of horses - two Appaloosas that he keeps for his own pleasure and use, and half a dozen Highland Ponies, which he hires out to touritsts who come (mostly in the fall), taking them on either an hour long or half day long trek into the hills, to see the fall colors.

Karl is 31, single and staight, and is a love interest for Mirry.

Hope you like :-) I'd really like to do this pup!
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