Catherina Elise Blanchett (writer_cate) wrote in laudervilleooc,
Catherina Elise Blanchett


Hello, everybody, I'm the new Cate mun.

Cate is a writer who's transplanted from Australia. I actually would like to have a plotline established for Cate's entrance into Lauderville, and here's how I'm letting her come in:

Cate's father, a photographer (Bob Blanchett), moved to Australia and married Cate's mother (June) and had Cate. He left them when Cate was a teen and moved back to his hometown, Lauderville, where he eventually died and left everything to Cate. However, because the two were estranged, Cate's father's lawyer had to spend 6 months tracking Cate down. In any event, Cate is going to Lauderville post-divorce with young baby son (Dashiell) in tow, hoping to start on a clean slate.

I am going to put a more detailed history on her userinfo and in an LJ post later.

But in any case, I am excited to be on board and RP with all of you.

Cate mun.
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