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A Bit of Interesting FYI, If You Will

As many of you may have noticed, I, (Dom-mun), have taken the liberty of relaying a message to another character in the community via the community journal. As my co-mod and I were thinking, if there is to be a postman in this roleplay, there may as well be a post to go along with him. Our grand idea is this: in case any of you ever wish to write a letter to a fellow character, (IC), then you could send the content of the letter to me, (Dom-mun, through my SN: domthemailboy, or my email:, and "Dom" could post it up as a part of his "mail delivery". We thought this would be a nice way to connect the characters in some format other than chat.

Another idea we have has to do with phone calls. There must be phones in Lauderville!! ^_^ And we can all use them through our posts in the community journal. In order to do this, the moderators suggest that you use a cut such as "Phone call to so-and-so", and then place the phone message behind the cut using chat-style conversation. The replies to the phone messages may continue through comments on the specified community posts. Though, we ask that only the characters involved in the phone calls be a part of the comments, as long as they are only two-way calls. (Three-way calls, etc, may be used...but please don't over-use them).

You guys are doing great! We realise that things have slowed a bit since the start of the busy season, but we hope to get things back on track soon enough. Thank you to all of you who are continuing your posts! You are inspiring. ^__^

Much love,
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