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Just A Wee Idea...

It seems to me things have been a might slowish around here lately.... And I've not really played Karl much recently as well, and the Alibi just is sitting there... Maybe we could do like a group chat where everyone kinda shows up at the Alibi and can interact with each other. Sound like a good idea? If so, when would be a good day/time for everyone to get togethe?
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Whee! Great idea!

Any weeknight before 1 am (Central European Time) or weekends at pretty much any time works for me ..
I think that's a really good idea. I'm usually on between 6 and 10 pm Pacific time on weeknights and if I know far enough ahead can be on pretty much anytime on weekends. However, this weekend's no good for me and as of next Thursday the 6th, I'm going to be away for nearly a week. So if you guys want to go ahead and plan one without me, that's ok. Let's see what works for everyone else.
Good thinkin'. I can usually get online anytime if I can know ahead of time when the get-together will be. I'll save a spot in my schedule. Basically, if you want to just post a community invitation, you could do so. If you'd rather one of us mods figure it out, that's good, too. Whatever you like; I don't want to step on the toes of your business! ^_^

p.s. - If you make an invitation, be sure to indicate time zone on the meeting time, for everyone's reference. Any other questions/comments let one of us know! ^^