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New Mun in Town!

Hi there all, thought I'd introduce myself. My name's Cara, I'm sure a few of you know me from Lads or Noir or Underworld. I'll be playing your friendly neighbourhood Sarahpup. :)

Sarah is a journalist from L.A., but she's just had a fight with her editor at the Daily, so he's dispatched her up to Oregon to be the chief of the Nature Bureau. Now, Sarah's not too happy about that, given that she's lived in cities pretty much her entire life. But she can't just quit her job, or she'd have no cash (her bastard ex-husband left her and seized basically all their joint assets). So she's up in Lauderville, the city slicker of the bunch, and she needs friends to tell her how to function in a town with little or nothing to do! :)

I look forward to RPing with you all. I don't have a character AIM, but you can always catch me at LuthienLaska. :) *waves*
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Welcome to Oregon, Cara! ^_^ I'm looking forward to getting to know your character; the plot sounds interesting!

*squees* Welcome to Lauderville sweetie!!!

I'm sure that Sarah and Liv can find something to do.. ;)

Welcome to the woods Sarah-mun. If she ever needs any new nature/story material, Marton's the man for the job *nods a lot*