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Lauderville: A LotR AU RPS RPG

This community is no longer active. Thank you for your interest.


Welcome to a town you’ve probably never heard of. Lauderville, Oregon, population 478. Founded in 1854, Lauderville has survived mostly by itself, seeing tourists at the end of May for the annual Trout Festival. The residents of Lauderville keep to themselves, making occasional runs to the neighboring city of Towerston, population 946, which contains the local school, hospital, supermarket, and cinema. Though Lauderville may not sound as exciting as Towerston, there is the possibility of adventure aplenty. Join us and become one of the inhabitants of Lauderville!

This is a Lord of the Rings AU (alternate universe) RPS (real person slash) RPG (role playing game) set in a small town community in present day. To get ideas about the kind of town we’re referring to, watch What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Hope Floats, Waiting For Guffman, and Footloose. This is a fictional town near the Pacific Ocean, located on the River Daughter. This is in no way a southern town, so we don’t want to see any southern accents or rituals unless it in some way pertains to your character. We’re making fun of small towns, not the South.

Disclaimer: We are not who we say we are! We are in no way affiliated with the actors, crewmen, or various other people involved in the Lord of the Rings movies. This is entirely for our own entertainment. We made it all up. We’re such liars.


-This is not a serious RPG! We don’t mind some exaggeration of small town life. However, this is not a crack RPG, so don’t say that Elijah has an elephant and likes to take it on daily walks. We just don’t want this turning into an angst-o-rama, so keep in mind that this is for fun, and don’t put your character under too much emotional strain, though some is fine.

-At this time, we are not accepting original characters or connections through movies to the people from Lord of the Rings. This means we are only accepting applications from those who wish to play people involved in the filming of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We accept actors, crewmen, producers... heck, if you want to be Peter Jackson, go for it!

-All players are required to provide a journal specifically for this RPG for your character. If you choose to leave the RPG, you can take your journal with you, or you can leave the password with a moderator to pass along to the next mun.

-Please keep your character in character! Obviously they are not all going to be actors! But we’d like to see some of the same personality traits going on here. Also, nationality and existing family should be observed. For example, Billy Boyd is originally from Scotland, has deceased parents, and a sister. We like him this way. Getting rid of family members may be negotiated, as can be divorces. But no suicides and murders, unless they are discussed beforehand.

-All pairings are accepted as long as all parties involved agree it upon previously. Please do not surprise our characters with some devious plot. :)

-The community will be used for chat transcripts and intercommunication via comment. This can take the form of phone calls and letters, making it easier to role play if you are unable to be online with your fellow players. Your character’s journal will be used for journal entries only. They may not be posted in the community journal. All posts may be read by any member of the RPG, but the only characters who know about them are the ones who either wrote the journal entry or participated in role play/chat.

-Chats and phone calls should be played in first person present tense, using * or :: or some semblance of those to denote actions. Journal entries should be written as one would write a journal entry, with actions that happened in the past written in the past tense, etc. You get my drift.

-All players need to have AIM. We would prefer that you have a character specific screen name, but if you are unable to get one, we understand. We will conduct all group chats through AIM. Separate character chats can be done through whatever messenger service agreed upon by participating parties.

-We will not have regularly scheduled group chats, but you can probably assume about one every month or so. These chats will take place if there is an event going on that involves the whole town, or at least the majority of it. We will let you know a week in advance about any chats we have coming up, and then remind you the day before in the out of character journal. We just don’t see large groups of people gathering together in small towns every week. You are not required to come to the chats, but we sure would like to see you there! If you have ideas for group chats, be sure to let us know. We are always open to suggestions. All chats will be posted by the moderators in the community journal behind a lj-cut so you can catch up if you miss one.

-We ask that you post either in the community journal or your character’s journal at least once every two weeks. We’re not sticklers about this, but we’d like to see some activity. If you are unable to post for a certain amount of time, please let us know in the out of character journal. We are understanding moderators. :)

-Please use lj-cuts when posting a chat, letter, or phone call. In the link, please identify what you are linking, the characters, and provide a rating for the content. This could also be done in the subject line. This is a slash role play, but if there is graphic sex or any other NC-17 rated material, please label it as such.

-Please make sure you edit all chats or journal entries before posting them! It doesn’t have to be perfect (we don’t always catch all our spelling errors and typos!) but we don’t want to see tuns off erors i teh tex. Get it?

-We will have two journals: one for in character posts, and one for out of character comments, ideas, and messages. Please join them both!

-Be nice to each other! Your characters don’t have to get along, but it would be pleasant if we all did. So share ideas, give compliments, and get permission if you want to do something drastic to another character.

-There is no age limit on this RPG. We accept mature players only. So you could be 14 and get accepted, but you could also be 24 and be denied. It all depends on how “seriously” you want to take this.

If you wish to apply for this role play, please e-mail the moderators with your application at
serpentsatellite@hotmail.com. See application below.

Your name
Your personal live journal
Your current AIM screen name
Your top two choices of characters
How you would portray above named characters (occupation, personality, lifestyle, sexuality, family, etc.)
A brief history of how your character came to live in Lauderville
Experience role playing (what RPGs you’ve participated in in the past)
Preferred pairings

Once you have received word back from us, go ahead, make your journal, and start posting! Welcome to the role play!

Your moderators,

Nicola and Shaina
(gnosis_soul and ellen_drell)


Elijah Wood - elijahsalami... owner of the Riven Deli, SN: elijahsalami
Billy Boyd - misterboydsir... elementary school teacher, SN: mrbillyboyd
Dominic Monaghan - male_handler... mail delivery boy, SN: domthemailboy
Orlando Bloom - orly_story... used bookstore employee, SN: orlystories
Viggo Mortensen - bohemian_viggo... artist/photographer/writer, SN: bohemianviggo
David Wenham - sheriff_wenham... town sheriff, SN: Sheriff Wenham
Marton Csokas - natureboycsokas... Fishing/hunting/camping guide, SN: natureboycsokas
Mark Ferguson - fergusonsforte...Tackle/Feed/Tourist Shop Owner, SN: kiwimarkferguson
Craig Parker - deptcraigparker... deputy on Lauderville’s police force, SN: LawGeekParker

Available Characters:

Mirando Otto - Need player(Livejournal and AIM usernames available)
Karl Urban - Need player
Sean Bean - Need player
Sarah McLeod - Need player
Cate Blanchett - Need player
Sean Astin - Need player
Liv Tyler - Need player
John Rhys-Davies
Andy Serkis
Ian McKellen
Christopher Lee
Ian Holm
Hugo Weaving

Any other cast/crew members you can think of!

*Any characters followed by "Need player" have been a part of the RPG previously.*