Viggo Mortensen (artist_viggo) wrote in laudervilleooc,
Viggo Mortensen

OOC -- quick reminder

Viggo and I are out of town until after September 2nd. He's holed up in his cabin painting (though he could do with some of Miranda's buns *wink*), preparing for the fall tourist craze. I'm currently in South Dakota preparing to visit Mt. Rushmore. *grin*

I'll get him back on track when I return. I'm sorry we didn't get to do any chats before I left, but I got sick (stayed sick until 4 days into my trip -- UGH!) before I left and was barely able to finish packing before I left. So obviously, all chats got way-layed until I return.

Welcome new members and I look forward to playing upon our return.


Vig & mun

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Glad to hear from you. Bummer you got sick on your vacation. I hope you recover soon and enjoy your vacation time *hugs*

Mirry will do a special delivery of buns (of whatever kind is preferred *winks back*) as soon as you are back online and ready to play again. Til then, have fun!

Mirry & mun
Hope you have a good time on vacation!

Thanks for reminding us about your leave. We'll be sure to talk with you as soon as you get back!