Sean P. Astin, Esq. (attorney_sean) wrote in laudervilleooc,
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Out Of Town

Hi, all....

I'm going to be out of town for at least the long weekend. Had planned to go to my parents house for the Labor Day weekend, but now my mom's in the hospital and I need to find out what kind of help she needs, so I may be gone longer. Right now my plan it so be home on Monday, but that's subject to change, but for the duration I'm there, I'll be without a computer (unless I'll have to be there for a prolonged period - last time this happened, I stayed for three months - in which case I'll fetch my compy and be back online as soon as possible).

I'll be keeping in touch via phone with Jill/Dave mun, in case I will be away from the game longer than I anticipated. For the time being, just assume Sean and Karl are just carrying on with their happy little lives.

See you (hopefully) soon.

Lilly - Astin/Karl mun
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Hope everthing turns out well for you. We'll be awaiting your return!